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There’s just something about these small furry creatures that makes them utterly irresistible. They even have their own holiday – Easter. Well, maybe it’s not exactly their holiday but they sure feature greatly.

Anyway, come in and take a look around My Rabbit Site. I’ve got great stuff on how to care for pet rabbits, great examples of art featuring rabbits, crafts featuring bunnies and rabbits in the news.

Rabbit Art: Rabbit Illustrations


Three vintage rabbit illustrations for you to enjoy. 2 are fully in the public domain everywhere and the other one is in the public domain in the United States.

Read: Rabbit Illustrations

Rabbit Care: Rabbit Health Checks


This list of periodic rabbit health checks will help you to keep your pet rabbit healthy by finding problems before they start or early enough to be taken care of.

Read: Rabbit Health Checks

Rabbit Crafts: Easter Bunny Decoration & Gift Box


Easter bunny decoration and gift box craft project from the folks at The Artful Crafter.

Read: Easter Bunny Decoration & Gift Box

Rabbit News: News Roundup for January 2014


A bit of a rabbit news roundup with several stories about rabbits from January 2014 from all over the world. Bet at least one will make you smile.

Read: News Roundup for January 2014

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